The optimal solution for the correction
of tooth color and form


Veneers are the special ceramic layers on the tooth. The specialists of Ultra Dent dental clinic have long and very successful experience of using veneers.

Veneers allow to change different aesthetic defects without serious dental interventions and long term treatments. Experienced doctors of the clinic guarantee the high quality of the work and have the individual approach to each patient. This method is recommended for most patients suffering from aesthetic teeth defects or discolored tooth enamel.

Instructions for the veneers installing

  • Defects of the shape and color of the tooth, including the result from the cavities
  • Development of tooth cracks and pigment spots.
  • Disturbance of tooth development or its irregular shape.
  • Increased gaps between teeth.
  • Defects of enamel in non-carious lesions

Features of the installation of veneers

  • We install all kinds of veneers (zirconium, ceramic, veneers on a refractor, veneers CEREC, lumineers)
  • digital impression by a scanner with Internet transfer – high speed and quality of manufacturing of veneers
  • CEREC veneers can be installed in a day
  • complete match of color and shape of veneers with the color and shape of other teeth

Veneers with the Cerec system

The main problem with the installation of veneers is the quality of fixation. It’s no secret that if they are incorrectly installed, they will quickly chip or crack. The complex computer system CEREC helps to solve this problem. Using CEREC technology allows us to achieve the highest accuracy in work.

Digital modeling creates an anatomically correct model of the veneer, which most accurately corresponds to the shape of a natural tooth. The result is a reliable fixation of the veneers that do not chip and crack. The production of veneers on the CEREC device is characterized by high speed – several hours.
When planning the treatment with veneers, it is possible to carry out a digital smile or smile test to predict the results.

Technologies Used


technology of artistic restoration of teeth

VistaCam iX HD

Cavity detector

Zirconium Restorations