Professional dental cleaning is usually done 2 times a year in accordance with individual doctor’s recommendations.

Professional removal of plaque and stone which is beyond the usual toothbrush, is the prevention of diseases and problems, such as:

  • Inflammation of the gums and bad breath
  • formation of periodontal pockets
  • gum recession
  • caries
  • increased sensitivity of teeth and gums
  • mobility of teeth
  • bone atrophy

Professional cleaning of teeth includes a whole complex of various measures, such as removal of soft plaque, removal of supra and subgingival dental tartar, gums treatment by non-surgical method, laser therapy of gums, polishing of teeth and roots.

Ultra-dent Clinic offers professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound scalers, Air Flow air-abrasive system and Vector system. The methods are selected individually for each specific case.

The treatment with Air Flow is prescribed to clean the teeth with a special water-based composition that is fed under pressure.

The method is characterized by the effective removal of soft and hard deposits from the surface of the teeth, sparing effect on the enamel and painlessness. It is also used to clean the oral cavity before installing the braces and filling the cavity.

Ultrasound scaling

Used for cleaning teeth right up to the bottom of the periodontal pocket. Thin instruments clean and polish the roots, removing tartar, bacteria and biofilm and preventing their appearance for a certain period. When scaling teeth on implants, we use special soft tips to prevent damage to the surface of the implants. Regular professional hygiene of implants extends the life of implants.

Timely professional oral hygiene is the prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis and extension implant’s life.

Technology Used

Air Flow