Endodontics is the field of dentistry, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of root canal diseases. Endodontics today is based on modern and constantly improving technologies.

Pulpitis (inflammation of dental pulp tissue) and poor-quality sealing of the root canals in the future leads to periodontitis, inflammation of the surrounding bone and early tooth loss. Restoration or crown will not last long time with poorly sealed channels.

In Ultra-dent clinic, root canal treatment is performed by endodontist doctors who have trained and have been possessing modern skills and technologies in this field. In the treatment of our patients, we achieve a long-term result.

Modern endodontics includes:

  • mandatory isolation of the tooth with the help of a cofferdam – a special thin rubber film that completely excludes the ingress of saliva into the tooth cavity and protects the mucosa from the irritating effect of medicinal preparations in the treatment of canals
  • cleansing of the root canals by hand and machine tools, capable of processing even the narrowest or curved channel
  • extraction from the root canals of foreign bodies – broken tools
  • washing channels with special antiseptic means
  • if necessary – temporary filling of the root canal with medicaments
  • pulpitis treatment by biological method
  • intra-channel bleaching
  • elimination of the consequences of root perforation
  • curved root canals instrumental treatment by the programmable device
  • gutta-percha canal filling by cold lateral condensation
  • sealing of strongly curved or branched root canals with thermoplastic gutta-percha

Improved methods of treatment, modern endodontic equipment and instruments, professionalism of doctors allow to save the destroyed and infected teeth, prevent complications leading to tooth loss, serious diseases of soft and bony tissues.

The support for bridges, crowns and other orthopedic structures can only be a qualitatively cured and sealed tooth.

Technologies Used

Digital x-ray


Digital camera