Microscope Ekler Elio

Digital camera


Dental digital camera microscope Ekler Elio (France) allows the treatment of “hopeless” teeth. The chance to zoom the image up to 60 times on the monitor shows the smallest nuances of anatomy of the root canals and provides a reliable and long-lasting result in complex endodontic treatment.

Special lighting facilitates allows the endodontist to identify the tooth cavity and guarantees the quality of the treatment, and also has the functions of video shooting and photography.

The technology is applied:

  • when determining the number of channels, including even the most inconspicuous ones
  • for the treatment and filling of teeth with an atypical structure
  • to analyze the degree of cleaning of the in-channel space
  • for the extraction of instrument debris from the tooth canals
  • for the treatment of previously treated channels
  • when hidden cracks are detected

Working with such equipment requires the doctor to have serious skills and experience with magnifying equipment. In Ultra Dent clinic, endodontists, who have undergone a practical training work with the microscope.