Create your smile!


Everyone dreams of beautiful teeth and a white “Hollywood” smile. In modern society, a smile is one of the factors of external attractiveness, an indicator of good health and success of a person, so today the bleaching is one of the most popular dental services.

There are two methods of teeth whitening: domestic and professional. The term home whitening of teeth does not mean that it is carried out uncontrollably. It is performed at home according to a specialist assignments. In order to do bleaching at home you need previously to make special splints in the clinic.

Office whitening is professional bleaching and is performed directly at the clinic by a doctor. In Ultra Dent clinic we suggest photo bleaching and laser bleaching, which require only 1-2 visits to the clinic.

In case of photo whitening a gel is applied, which is activated by the light of a special lamp having beams of a certain length.

As a result of the chemical reaction, active oxygen is released, which brightens the enamel. The gums and mucous membrane of the oral cavity are previously isolated for avoiding a gel contact with them. The session lasts up to two hours. During this time the application of the gel is repeated 3-4 times.

As with photo whitening, when applying a laser method, a gel is applied to the teeth, which is activated by a laser beam. The use of laser equipment allows to adjust the time and intensity of irradiation. After the bleaching procedure, a gel is applied to the teeth to restore the enamel.

These methods have high efficiency (up to 5-7 tones), and the result is immediately noticeable.

There may be increased sensitivity of the teeth during and after the procedure.
If necessary, when changing the color of one tooth as a result of its staining, intra-channel bleaching can be performed from the inside. This can occur when filling root canals with some materials that change the color of dentin.

Technology Used

Laser dentistry

Air Flow