Sinus lifting


Reduction of bone level as a result of various inflammatory processes complicates the installation of implants. Especially often in the area of ​​chewing teeth on the upper jaw (6-7 teeth), the volume of bone tissue is insufficient for the operation of implantation of teeth (less than 10 mm), so in these cases it is necessary to build a bone-sinus lifting operation.

Types of sinus lifting:

Open sinus lifting:
It is performed in cases when a low thickness of bone tissue is present. During the operation, the membrane of the maxillary sinus is raised, the space for filling it with bone material (artificial bone or regenerate) is released, which stimulates the further formation of bone in this place. During the operation, if there is a sufficient level of the primary bone, simultaneous installation of implants in the sinus lifting area is possible, or the implantation of the teeth occurs 4-6 months after sinus lifting.

Closed sinus lifting:
It is performed in cases where it is necessary to add 1-2 mm of new bone. Sinuslifting under these conditions is carried out simultaneously with the installation of dental implants, as the conditions for this are usually favorable.

Advantages of sinus lifting in the Ultra-dent clinic:

  • conducting a sinus lifting based on the results of computed tomography
  • planning sinuslifting based on the program Implantmed3D
  • use of international protocols for such treatment

Technology Used



Digital 3d planning and