Inflammation of periodontal tissue (tissues that surround the tooth and keep it in the bone) is expressed by the redness and bleeding of the gums, bad breath, the gum recession and the mobility of the teeth. The most common periodontal diseases include gingivitis and periodontitis. The disease at the initial stage is expressed by bleeding and swelling of the gums. Progression of inflammation of the gums leads to bad breath and lowering of the gum level, gum recession and destruction of bone tissue, leading to mobility and loss of teeth. In Ultra-dent clinic wide range of modern methods of treatment of periodontal diseases, including laser technologies are used. The goal of the treatment is to eliminate inflammation, restore the anatomical structures and physiological functions of periodontal disease, and also to maintain the achieved therapeutic effect.

Complex treatment includes therapeutic, surgical and prosthodontic stages .

Therapeutic treatment:

removal of dental plaque and tartar, removal of substandard fillings, selective polishing and filling of teeth in the presence of dental pockets are carried out their cleaning and treatment

Surgical treatment:

removal of the teeth which completely lost their supporting function, periodontal plastic surgery of soft tissues to support natural bone, we use A-PRF and I-PRF for cosmetic and functional reconstruction of the bone and soft tissues. The usage of Doctor Smile’s latest generation laser significantly improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

Prosthodontic treatment:

Reconstruction of teeth and splinting of movable dentition, of improperly maid or broken dentures with subsequent replacement of the restoration, of the dentition. The destruction of bone tissue as a result of periodontal diseases is not an obstacle for the implantation today.

Supportive periodontal therapy is a part of the periodontal treatment and is performed by a periodontist.

Modern periodontics has got a large range of methods for treating periodontal diseases, but it is better to prevent the development of them. Thorough hygiene of the oral cavity, regular professional removal of tartar will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile beautiful.

Technology Used

Laser Dentistry

Air Flow